Ticket Info

Race Day Info:

All races start at 7pm, fan gates open at 5:30pm, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Please follow and check out Facebook page for race day updates!


Advanced Tickets are available for $1 off at M&H Gas Station and Neighborhood Grocery.

Prices* at the Gate for regular race nights:
Adults (18+): $15
Students (13-17): $5
12 & Under are FREE!
*Prices may vary for Special Events such as NOSA Sprints, NLRA Late Models, Dakota Classic Mod Tour, and Stampede

Rainout Policy: If ALL of the scheduled Heat Races have finished, NO rain passes issued. If races cancelled before or during Heat Races, Rain Passes will be issued at the ticket booth for ticket amount paid WITH VALID TICKET STUB ONLY. No exceptions.

Parking & Seating:


Handicap Parking is available by the ticket window along the fence, there are signs in front of those parking spaces.

Seating is First Come, First Serve; currently we do not have a way to reserve seats. Seating may be reserved with a blanket or tarp.

Please note a Family Section/No Alcohol seating section is available.

Wheelchair Accessible Seating section available, but is first come first serve also.

Add picture of stands here with labels for new fans.


Concessions are available at the track when gates open and typically close after the first or second feature race. No coolers or outside food/beverages are allowed. We are known for our burgers, fries, gizzards, chicken O's, beefy cheesy nachos, pizza pockets, and more. We also have popcorn, peanuts, variety of candy, slushies, and Pepsi products. Coffee/hot chocolate available when it's cold out.

Large variety of domestic beer options are available to anyone 21 and over. The beer stand typically opens 1 hour prior to the start of the races and closes after the last feature race has started.


Our official hotel sponsor is Quality Inn & Suites, ask for the Jamestown Speedway Special Rate when booking to make sure you get the best rate available! They are both kid (pool area w/ slide) and pet friendly. There are several other hotel options within Jamestown as well.

Camping is available with hookups for $25 per night. There is a brown box by the bathrooms with envelopes to place your payment. Camping is first come, first serve and operated by the Stutsman County Fair Board. No sewer dump site is available. All fires MUST be OFF the ground or you will be fined $100.

Racing 101:

Learn the basics before you hit the track to look like a pro!

Flag Colors
Green - "GO" Starts the race
Yellow - "Caution" Drivers slow down, a car has stopped, spun, or gone off the track; if a driver caused it, they will have to start at the back of the lineup
Red - "STOP" a bad crash or rollover has likely occurred
White - "Last Lap" of the race
Black - "Disqualified" directed at one (or more) drivers for unsafe driving
Blue with Yellow Stripe - "Lapped" directed at a car who will be passed soon by the leader of the race

"1 & Done"
In some races this rule is implemented to keep the race moving and prevent cars from sitting on the track. If a car causes a "Yellow Flag" they will need to exit the track (versus just going to the back of the lineup).

Heats vs. Consi vs Feature Races
Heat races are usually 8 Laps with 6-10 cars. All cars are assigned to a heat race. The results of these races determine where a driver will start in the Feature race where all cars will race at once for more laps (15-25 laps).

If there are 24+ cars in a single class, a Consi race may be needed to eliminate some cars from the Feature race. In that case, only the top few (determined by the number of cars, announcer will tell you) from the Heat races will make it into the Feature race and the rest will be lined up to race a Consi race which is usually 10-12 laps and 8-12 cars with the top few making it into the Feature race.

Order of Events

Heat Races
- Bombers
- WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
- Slingshots
- INEX Legends
- WISSOTA Street Stocks
- IMCA Modifieds

Slingshot Feature

Consi’s AKA Consolation Race AKA “B-Mains” - If needed only, see above.

Intermission - Sometimes there is an intermission, the track promoter will determine this based on weather, track surface, etc.

Features Race
- Bombers - 15 Laps
- Midwest Modifieds - 20 Laps
- INEX Legends - 20 Laps
- Street Stocks - 20 Laps
- IMCA Modifieds - 25 Laps

Latest Results

Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024Hobby Stocks
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024Wright Insurance Agency INEX Legends
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024JR. Slingshots
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024Gerdau Recycling WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024WISSOTA Street Stock
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Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024Shocker Hitch IMCA Modified
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Jamestown Speedway7/20/2024Western Renegade Non-Wing Sprints
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024Hobby Stocks
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024Wright Insurance Agency INEX Legends
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024JR. Slingshots
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024Gerdau Recycling WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024WISSOTA Street Stock
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024Shocker Hitch IMCA Modified
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Jamestown Speedway7/13/2024IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car
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Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024Hobby Stocks
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Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024Wright Insurance Agency INEX Legends
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Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024JR. Slingshots
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Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024Gerdau Recycling WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024WISSOTA Street Stock
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/12/2024Shocker Hitch IMCA Modified
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Current Points

Hobby Stocksas of 7/20/2024
Full Points
Wright Insurance Agency INEX Legendsas of 7/13/2024
Full Points
JR. Slingshotsas of 7/20/2024
Full Points
Gerdau Recycling WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 7/13/2024
Full Points
WISSOTA Street Stockas of 7/13/2024
Full Points
Shocker Hitch IMCA Modifiedas of 7/13/2024
Full Points
IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Caras of 7/13/2024
Full Points
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