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Racing Since2010


B Modifieds
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WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Lindsey Hansen

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
2022 Season Opener & Armed Forces Night
Lindsey Hansen (WISSOTA Midwest Mods)4th--20th (DNF)
3rd Annual Don Gumke Memorial
Lindsey Hansen (WISSOTA Midwest Mods)8th (DNF)-4th14th

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Latest Results

Jamestown Speedway6/18/2022Bombers
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/18/2022INEX Legends
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/18/2022JR. Slingshots
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/18/2022IMCA Modified
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Jamestown Speedway6/11/2022INEX Legends
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/11/2022WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Jamestown Speedway6/11/2022WISSOTA Street Stock
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Jamestown Speedway6/11/2022IMCA Modified
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Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022Bombers
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Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022INEX Legends
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Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022JR. Slingshots
Full Results
Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022WISSOTA Street Stock
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Jamestown Speedway6/4/2022IMCA Modified
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Current Points

Bombersas of 6/18/2022
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INEX Legendsas of 6/18/2022
Full Points
JR. Slingshotsas of 6/18/2022
Full Points
WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 6/11/2022
Full Points
WISSOTA Street Stockas of 6/11/2022
Full Points
IMCA Modifiedas of 6/4/2022
Full Points
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