2021 Season Championship Night - Results & Recap

2021 Season Championship Night - Results & Recap

Racing action returned to the Jamestown Speedway this past Saturday for Season Championship Night and the Kuchen Classic presented by, Emma Rosie's Homecookin', and Central Auto Repair & Services (CARS)! It was definitely a battle against mother nature, and we really appreciate everyone's help and patience with packing the track, sitting through the rain delays, and ending the night with some great racing on a very fast, tacky track. We are so thankful that we were able to get in the show last night and couldn't have done it without everyone, so thank you so much. Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to for sponsoring last night and providing so many goodies to the fans and drivers. Additionally, thank you to Emma Rosie's Homecookin' and Central Auto Repair and Services-CARS for providing kuchens to our fans and drivers in appreciation for the 2021 season.

We had a total of 123 cars in the pits! Congratulations goes out to our winners and runner-ups on the 2021 Season Championship Night:

Bombers/Pure Stocks - 23 Cars:
- Winner: Paul Morman, Runner-Up: Anthony Wendel
- Hard Charger: Chris Welk Jr. +10 (14th to 4th)

INEX Legends - 29 Cars:
- Winner: Jacoby Traut (1st Win in Legends in Jamestown!), Runner-Up: Ryan Braseth
- Hard Charger: Ryan Braseth +10 (12th to 2nd)

Wissota Midwest Modifieds - 28 Cars:
- Winner: Rusty Kollman, Runner-Up: Jarod Klein
- Hard Charger: Arin Beyer +14 (24th to 10th)

Wissota Street Stocks - 21 Cars:
- Winner: Jaden Christ (1st Win in Street Stocks in Jamestown!), Runner-Up: Bob Banish Jr.
- Hard Charger: Royce Jawaski +7 (13th to 6th)

IMCA Modifieds - 15 Cars:
- Winner: Dalton Magers (1st Win in Jamestown!), Runner-Up: John Nord
- Hard Charger: Dalton Magers +9 (10th to 1st) & Todd Duchscherer +9 (14th to 5th)

Jr./Sr. Slingshots - 7 Cars:
- Winner: Gavin Edinger, Runner-Up: Noah Lewis

Additionally, congratulations goes out to our 2021 Jamestown Speedway Track Champions:

Bombers/Pure Stocks - Dylan Steele
INEX Legends - Ryan Braseth
Wissota Midwest Modifieds - Brennon Weight
Wissota Street Stocks - Kyle Anderson
IMCA Modifieds - John Nord
Jr. Slingshots - Gavin Edinger

Once again, thank you to all of the drivers, fans, and track personnel that came out to the show on Saturday night. We really appreciate everyone's support at the Jamestown Speedway, and we have to thank everyone for coming out. We hope all of the drivers had a great time and hope to see you guys back for the Stock Car Stampede.

Please join us in a few weeks for more high-flying, action-packed racing on Jamestown's 1/4 mile high-bank oval. The next race is the 50TH ANNUAL JAMESTOWN STOCK CAR STAMPEDE on Friday, September 24th, and Saturday, September 25th. It will be two shows this year at the Stampede. Drivers don't forget to sign-up for the 50th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede Calcutta auction that is set to take place on September 23rd, as it adds money into the prize fund for the Stampede weekend.

Jamestown Stock Car Stampede Classes:
- Bombers
- INEX Legends
- IMCA Sport Mods
- Wissota Midwest Modifieds
- Wissota Street Stocks
- IMCA Modifieds
- Wissota Late Models
- Slingshots

We'll see everyone in a few weeks for the Stock Car Stampede.

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