Decisions of the RACE OFFICIALS, interpretation of all rules and scoring of positions shall be final.  No arguing with the officials.

No drivers or crew members may enter the pits until he/she has personally signed all Releases and Waivers.  No one will be permitted to sign for someone else.

All persons under the age of 18 who enter the pits must have a signed Minor Waiver on file.

No one except officials allowed on the track at anytime after the race program has begun.

No driver or car changes after the heat races in any class.

If a car is unable to start a race, all cars beyond his/her position will advance one position straight forward.  No criss-crossing.

Once the line-ups are done, if you are unable to start your appointed heat race, you will not be allowed to start in another heat.  If you qualify for the dash (if a dash is run), you MUST run it to maintain your starting spot in the feature.  Mechanical problems must be verified by the pit steward.

Cars entering the track on the parade lap will start at the rear of the field, regardless of your qualifying position.  IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL START LAST.

A yellow flag on the first lap of a race constitutes a complete restart.  Line up two abreast in your original position (unless sent to the back by the flagman).  Any car that moves out of position before the green flag falls will be relegated to the rear of the field.

When the race is yellow flagged after at least one full lap of racing, a Delaware Double File restart lineup will be used.  Meaning cars will line up in the order in which they were running at the end of the last completed lap before the caution flag waived.  The leader starts alone in the first row, then the second place car chooses whether to start inside or outside of the second row.  Third place starts opposite the second place car, then fourth place always lines up inside the third row.  Then fifth place is outside third row, sixth place is inside fourth row, and so on.

During restarts -  STAY IN LINE - DO NOT PASS UNTIL THE FLAGMAN WAIVES THE GREEN AND SAYS 'GREEN GREEN GREEN' on the RaceCeiver.  Pulling out of line and/or passing other cars before the flagman starts the race will result in being docked 2 positions at the next yellow flag.  If there is no yellow flag you will be docked two positions at the conclusion of the race.  If you pass more than 2 cars, you will be docked positions according to the number of cars passed before the green flag was waived.

The car(s) which caused the yellow flag will restart at the rear of the field.  If officials are unable to determine who caused a yellow, the flagman can elect to send both cars to the rear.

After the third yellow flag in any race the flagman will display both the black flag and the yellow flag to the drivers.  This means the person causing the next yellow (the 4th yellow in the race) will be black flagged.

Any driver who causes 2 yellow flags in a race will be black flagged and must leave the track.

Any car entering the pits during a yellow flag will restart at the rear of the field.  You will be given 3 laps to change a flat tire and re-enter the track.  The 3 laps start when the last returnable car is off the track.  However, if you pull in the pits and go to your trailer instead of the designated pitting area, you forfeit your 3 laps.  You may still return to the race, tail-end, if you can make it back onto the track before the race resumes.

Once the yellow light is turned off for a start or restart, the pit steward at the entrance to the track will determine if it is safe for a car to pull onto the track.  Watch for their signal, he/she is in complete control.  DO NOT pull onto the track unless they signal you to do so.  If you are in the pits when the green flag drops to start or restart a race, you will not be allowed to join/rejoin the race unless the yellow comes out before a lap is completed.

RED FLAG: All cars will come to a complete stop on either the front or back stretch depending on the location of the problem which caused the red.  Watch the track officials.  NO PITTING WILL BE ALLOWED DURING A RED FLAG.  NO PITMEN WILL BE ALLOWED ONTO THE TRACK.  If the officials determine that the situation is unsafe or will take some time to be resolved, they may, at the flagman's discretion, send the cars into the pits.  In this case, all cars will go to the pits and will get their spots back when racing resumes, providing they return to the track on time.

Any car being lapped consistently by the field will be black flagged.  Any car considered to be a hazard, may be black flagged at the discretion of the officials.

A race may be stopped at the discretion of the track officials at anytime they consider it dangerous or unsafe to continue.

The top 5 cars from the Heats and Features must weigh immediately after the race.  If you are light after a race, you may re-weigh, but the car must stay at the scale. RE-DRAWS FOR THE FEATURES WILL BE DONE AT THE SCALE AFTER EACH HEAT.  One heat = re-draw 6, two heats = re-draw 5, three heats = re-draw 4, four heats = re-draw 3, five heats = re-draw 2.


All points go with the driver.  All money earned will be paid to the driver unless other arrangements are made with Tim, Allison, or Joanne.

Watch your speed in the pits.  Anyone speeding or driving in an unsafe manner in the pits may be suspended at the decretion of the officials.