GREEN FLAG: The entire track is open for racing.

YELLOW FLAG: All cars must come to a parade lap speed as soon as safely possible and fall into single file formation. Cars will restart in the position they were running on the last completed green flag lap.

RED FLAG: All cars must come to a complete stop on either the front or
back straight-away. Watch track officials. NO PITTING ALLOWED.
Flagman may, at his discretion, send all cars to the pits. (See "Track

ROLLED UP BLACK FLAG: A warning to a driver he/she may be too aggressive towards fellow competitors.

BLACK FLAG: A car given the black flag must pull into the pit area immediately. The car will no longer be scored from the point the black flag is displayed.

BLUE/YELLOW FLAG: Gives the driver warning that he/she is about to be lapped by a faster car. Driver being lapped should stay in his racing groove and let faster cars by. Do not race with the leaders.

WHITE FLAG: One lap remains in the race.

CHECKERED FLAG: The race is officially ended. All cars must pass under the checkered flag to be scored as having completed the last lap.