Racing at the Stutsman County Fairgrounds is a long standing tradition, offering entertainment, fellowship, and good old fashion fun.  Its an event that brings folks together from all around the area – young & old, blue collar & white collar, city & country folks alike.  Stories are told & memories are made every night at the speedway.

We’re always welcoming partnerships and finding ways for businesses and groups to be a part of the events at the Jamestown Speedway.  We’d be honored to partner with you in using the speedway as a platform to market your business and get your name and image in front of the people of the Jamestown Speedway.

For more information please fill out this form and we'll provide more information.  Or contact Tim at 701-527-2467 or

Our goal is for every night to be a special night.  If you have an idea to make your night even more special let us know – a special theme, a fun activity, a unique giveaway.  Let us know and we’ll make every effort to work with you to make it happen.

Thank You for choosing to be a part of the Jamestown Speedway!