Billie Christ
Billie Christ

Driver Hometown:  Jamestown

Racing Class:  Wissota Street Stock

Engine Builder: Zeuli's Race Engines

Chassis:  Racestar Chassis

Family Members:  Jaden (Son) Reese (Daughter)

Crew Members:  Crew Chief Jaden Christ, Trophy Girl Reese Christ, Chassis and Setup Rick Wilson, Human Resources Manager Tyler Michel, Public Relations Manager Jay Schlotfeldt, The Old Man Chuck Christ

Sponsors:  Zeuli's Automotive Machine Shop, Two Rivers Printing, Miller Landscaping, West End Hide Fur and Metal, Schrum Trucking, Rick Wilson Farm, A&K Collision, Concrete Cowboys

Racing Bio:  6 Wissota street stock feature wins, 2005 Wissota Street Stock Rookie of the year, 2011 Wissota Midwest Modified Stampede Winner

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Billie Christ