Driver Hometown: Marion, ND

Engine Builder: Dakota Engine Builders

Chassis: Rodin Chassis

Racing Class: Bomber

Years Racing: Not really sure. On and off since I was 15. 2012 was my first full season

Family Members:  Brad, Vanita, Chris, Kayla

Crew Members: Dennis Lewis (A.K.A. Pecos), Luke, Hims, T.A.

Sponsors:  Rodin Farms, Brad\'s Body Shop, Dakota Engine Builders, Mike Rodin & Son\'s Trucking, Dickey Bar, White Cheddar, The Other Bar, Matt Cuypers Farms, Dickey/Marion Insurance, Lennie Boom Farms, Boomer\'s Tire Service, Kohn Electric

Racing Bio:
Been racing for awhile. 6 feature wins, 1 in Lisbon 5 in Jamestown.
Won points championship in 2012.