Racing action at the Jamestown Speedway concluded last night for Championship Night of the 47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede.  The racing action was intense last night, as the drivers were using every inch of the speedway to try and punch their ticket to the big show in the consolidation races and trying to win the big trophy and become a Stock Car Stampede Champion.  The track was beautiful and the racing was awesome!  Congratulations goes out to the 47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede Champions and Runner-Ups:

Bombers (Central Dakota Pure Stocks) - 33 Cars:
- Champion: Jason Miller, Runner-Up: John Gartner Jr.

INEX Legends - 28 Cars:
- Champion: Donavin Wiest, Runner-Up: Andrew Jochim

IMCA Sport Mods - 32 Cars:
- Champion: Luke Krogh, Runner-Up: Kelly Jacobson

Wissota Midwest Modifieds - 48 Cars:
- Champion: Preston Carr, Runner-Up: Reise Stenberg

Wissota Street Stocks - 48 Cars:
Champion: Geoff Hellman, Runner-Up: Jerry Lamb

Wissota Super Stocks - 25 Cars:
- Champion: Dave Mass, Runner-Up: Brian Bernotas

IMCA Modifieds - 55 Cars:
- Champion: Casey Arneson, Runner-Up: Allen Kent

Wissota Late Models - 25 Cars:
- Champion: Ricky Weiss, Runner-Up: Dustin Strand

Jr./Sr. Slingshots - 16 Cars:
- Jr. Champion: Dexter Saxon, Sr. Champion: Jacoby Traut

For complete race results from Championship Night of the 47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede, please refer to the below link:

Race Results: Click Here
Race Recaps: Click Here

From all of us at the Jamestown Speedway, a huge thank you goes out to all of the drivers that participated and raced in the 47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede and all of the fans that braved the cold weather last night to enjoy a fantastic show!  Without the drivers and fans support, we won't be able to put on a fantastic show for the Stampede.  Additionally, we have to thank the entire Jamestown Speedway track crew and volunteers that worked so hard to get the track and grounds ready for racing this weekend and provide an awesome show.  We really appreciate everyone for attending the 47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede and we are already looking forward to the 2019 racing season and 48th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede next September.

47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede Champions:

Bombers (Central Dakota Pure Stocks) - Jason Miller

INEX Legends - Donavin Wiest

IMCA Sport Mods - Luke Krogh

Wissota Midwest Modifieds - Preston Carr

Wissota Street Stocks - Geoff Hellman

Wissota Super Stocks - Dave Mass

IMCA Modifieds - Casey Arneson

Wissota Late Models - Ricky Weiss

Jr. Slingshots - Dexter Saxon, Sr. Slingshots - Jacoby Traut


47th Annual Jamestown Stock Car Stampede – Night 2 Results