It was quite an active day and night at the speedway this Saturday!  The day started very questionable with the weather - there was an 80-90% chance of rain forecast from Wednesday night on, so even the most optimistic among us were forced to be realistic about the chances of racing Saturday night.  We lucked out though - several times the clouds parted just as they got to Jamestown and the rain went on either side of us.  One person joked that no matter which direction you came from you had to drive through a thunderstorm to get to the races!  Hopefully we didn't use up all of our weather luck for the season.

All that aside, it was turned out to be an exciting night of racing, though not always for good reasons.  Each class had a new winner for the season (see pictures below).  Corey Jacobson pulled off an thrilling last lap pass with the win in the bombers.  That win came after the evening's most scary crash as #79 Charlie Christ went for wild ride off turn two after breaking an axle.  He rolled several times down the backside of the track coming to rest near the pit opening.  Safety workers tended to him and he was later taken to the hospital to get checked out.  Post race reports were that he had a concussion and was very sore.  Earlier in the night Brandon Michel got upside down on the front straightaway after a hard impact to the cement wall.  He is also doing okay but said the car may be done for.  The visiting legends also brought out the red flag twice - once when #27 Mike Dowling got turned head first into the front stretch wall.  The second red flag came after a crash coming to the checkered flag sent the #1K of Nate Keena rolling off the end of turn one.

That's it for our crash report - let's hope that's the longest crash report we have for the rest of the season!  We did have outstanding races in all our classes this weekend.  A brief rain shower right before the features provided a great racing surface for the features.  It was good to see some new faces in victory lane this summer - winner pictures below.

June 17th Feature Winners:

Inex Legend Cars - #86 Troy Hoff
IMCA Modifieds - #99 Jason Grimes
WISSOTA Street Stocks - #65 Bob Banish Jr
WISSOTA MW Modifieds - #84 Travis Traut
Bombers - #70 Corey Jacobson
June 17th Results – Wild Night!