We’ve been getting a few questions on the transponders, so posting a quick update for the bomber drivers who are working on getting them mounted.

Where Can I Pick it Up?

Available this week at Midwestern Machine all week, or at the track this weekend.  Price is $340, can be paid with cash, check, credit card, or coins, though paying with pennies is not encouraged.

Midwestern Machine is located at 8171 36th Street SE, Jamestown.  (Across the Interstate from the new hospital) 701-252-4275

Where Do I Mount It?

24-30 inches behind the center of the lower ball joint.

Need to be within 18 inches of the ground.

Need to have a clear line of sight from the transponder to the ground.  No metal, plastic, etc. can be in between the transponder and the ground.

We’re trying to stay close to the WISSOTA rule of having them behind the front tire so that the transponder crossing the wire corresponds as closely as possible to nose of the car crossing the finish line.

When will they be required?

If you have them mounted we’ll put them in the computer and use the program this week as a trial, but they won’t be require until the second week – May 17th.

Can I Still Sign Up for One?

All the transponders we ordered are spoken for as of now.  If there's enough interest we'll make a second order.  Let Tim or Joanne now ASAP if you would like to be in on a second order.  Call/Text - 701-527-2467

Lastly, a very sincere thank you to all of our drivers & owners for working with us in getting the transponders implemented for the bomber class.  Looking forward to hearing Shawn announce how fast you are going and how close you’re running each week.  Plus being able to check out all the stats on the mylaps.com website!


Tranponder FAQ’s