Awesome racing for the Jamestown Speedway opener!!  We had 19 Mods, 19 Streets, 30 MW Mods and 23 Bombers.  Winners were Cory Rodin in the Bombers, Rob Van Mill in the MW Mods, Joe Jacobson in the Streets and Jason Grimes in the Modifieds.  Rodin and Van Mill both started on the pole in their respective features.  Jacobson started 4th in the Street feature and ran an excellent race taking the lead from Vogel with 2 to go.  Grimes started 7th in the Mod feature and 2nd place, Blake Jegtvig, started 9th.  Great race!!  Johnny C was involved in a wreck on a restart and had a fender dragging on the ground.  Track officials couldn't get it off, so Corell was asked to go to the pits.  As he circled turns 1 & 2 on his way to the pits, Jerry Lamb drove up beside him and ran over the fender tearing it lose from the support bar.  So Corell was allowed to continue as he no longer had body pieces dragging.  What a great sport that Jerry Lamb is -- he recognized the problem and took care of it so a fellow competitor could continue!!  Sportsmanship award to Jerry Lamb!!

Next week, the Advantage RV Modified Tour will be in town with 40 to 50 WISSOTA Modifieds expected.  In order to complete this great show in a timely manner, the Bombers will not be racing that night!!  See you at the Speedway at 7 PM Saturday, May 24th!!

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Cory Rodin Action Shot

Cory Rodin - Victory Circle

Van Mill Action Shot

Thanks to CRP Photography for the above pictures.

Season Opener Winners