National Buffalo MuseumOn May 15th, 2010 is Race Day at the National Buffalo Museum!   The museum would really appreciate if you brought your cars up!  There will be a people's choice award and the winner will get a goody basket from the museum and a FREE pit pass!! Yay!

From 9am-10pm will be registration for drivers & race cars!

11am-1pm  Buffalo Burgers, Chips and a Pop $5

1pm-2pm will be activities sack races, face painting etc. (You don't have to participate if you don't want to :D)

2pm-3pm Autographs from the drivers!!!!  Announce people's choice!

Drivers:  You do not have to stay the whole day next to your car but if you would/ could come from 2pm-3pm kids will love the autographs! Also if you want you can bring shirts to sell and cards!!

Bring the Kids and Have Some FUN!!

If you have ANY questions please contact  or 701-320-0894 or 701-252-8648

Race Day At The National Buffalo Museum
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