#99 Jason Grimes
#99 Jason Grimes

The racing tonight was pretty good for an opener with two to three wide racing the entire night. The track seemed to be quite smooth, considering the amount of rain the track has received over the past few weeks. Also, the car count was great for the opener with a total of 107 cars.

Bombers (18 Cars):
1. Joe Jacobson           Heat Winners: Shawn Becker, Josh Ganser, Joe Jacobson
2. Tyler Michel
3. Josh Ganser
4. Jeff Vogel
5. Leann Christenson

Midwest Modifieds (29 Cars):
1. Scott Bintz             Heat Winners: Dale Johnson, Ryan Lehr, Taylor Weight, Bintz
2. Ryan Mikkelson
3. Josh Eberhardt
4. Eric Edwards
5. Jerry Theis

Street Stocks (23 Cars):
1. Trent Grager        Heat Winners: Royce Jawaski, Kelly Hagel, Troy Nelson, Rory Opp
2. Kelly Hagel
3. Royce Jawaski
4. Bob Banish Jr.
5. Troy Nelson
8. Rusty Kollman
10. Luke Nelson
      -Spun by himself while running 4th, went to the back of the pack and worked his way back up to 10th.

Modifieds (29 Cars):
1. Jason Grimes     Heat Winners: Mike Greseth, Corey Seckerson, Jerry Lamb
2. Blake Jegtvig
3. Randy Tarno
4. Mike Greseth
5. John Corell
6. Corey Seckerson

Hornets (8 Cars):
1. 5, 2. 05, 3. 6

All in all, a very good night of racing!!

Completed results will be on speednet in a few days.

May 15th 2010 Results
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